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Learn why 69 of the top 100 firms trust LCvista’s learning and compliance platform for the accounting industry.

The only way to set your learning administrators, compliance specialists, and professionals up for success is to make sure that both learning management and compliance tracking are in one place.

Your professionals need to find and complete training that counts towards their jurisdiction requirements. They can look at their compliance dashboard in LCvista to get a snapshot of where they are compliant and where they have gaps.

If they have LCvista’s Learning Management System (LMS), their compliance dashboard will not only show them where their credits are deficient, but also qualified programs for each jurisdiction that can help them cover those remaining credits. Professionals can simply enroll and complete those programs and see their progress and completions right away, all within LCvista.

This is not possible if you have a separate LMS in place. Professionals will view their compliance report in LCvista but then hop into their LMS to figure out themselves or reach out to their admin regarding what courses to take to fulfill their CPE credits.

Once they find and take those courses, they will need to go back into LCvista compliance to make sure it shows up. It’s an inefficient and risky approach.

LCvista is the ONLY learning and compliance solution that’s tailored to meet the complex and always-changing requirements of the accounting industry.

Here are some features you can benefit from on the complete LCvista platform:

Content management

Our team manages your learning content — from Becker, CCH, CPL and other providers — for you. We load it for you into LCvista and notify you about what’s updated and what’s required.

Moreover, the content maps correctly to all elements of LCvista’s LMS and compliance. In third-party LMSs, you have to create a shell of the program by placing launch links. Session completions sync back into the third-party LMS, then flow into LCvista through a data feed.

This is a major mapping exercise across attributes like field of study etc. If a component breaks, you need to find out what broke, fix it, and then try again. Most LMSs charge a fee for fixing such problems. You don’t have to worry about any of this with LCvista’s LMS.

Dynamic report management

Report on all of your learning data, including any custom fields that you add, as soon as you add them.

Does your audit partner need a monthly report of users in their business line that have required training to complete? No problem. Set up the report once and LCvista takes it from there.

Save and edit configurable reports, schedule reports, email reports to users, and even create a custom schedule.

Integrations with providers of group live and group internet-based learning

Connect to the platforms you use to host all your group live and group internet-based providers such as Conferences i/o and Zoom. Professionals can launch these sessions through LCvista, answer polls, and have all the data flow smoothly back into LCvista.

LCvista then displays those results and suggests credits based on the NASBA rulesets you’ve customized. Unlike a third-party LMS, there’s no need to manually assign credit or wrestle with spreadsheets and formulas.

You can select a session, adjust the suggested credits, and pass the professionals. If you only have compliance, the calculations take place out of the system, a time-consuming process that leaves room for serious errors.

Configurable roles and groups

You can customize the product to meet the unique needs of your firm without having to take time to configure components that are standard for the accounting industry. Create dynamic groups using custom fields from your HR system.

Use dynamic groups to assign learning plans, maintain tailored catalogs, send invitations, and more.

Create unlimited administrative roles to associate with users or groups. Professionals will only see what (and who) you want them to see.

Custom tags and catalogs

Every firm is unique, so we created custom tags that allow you to categorize content using your firm’s nomenclature. We’ve handled every type of firm from a California firm with a wine industry presence to a Midwest firm specializing in industrial manufacturing.

Qualified programs

Provide professionals with curated content that both meets their individual compliance requirements and targets their areas of focus.

Just do it.”

Peter Sawchuck, Director of Learning and Development at Top 30 firm UHY LLP. As a former Docebo user, Peter knows firsthand why having learning and compliance in a single place is critical.