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[LCvista's] level of expertise, support, and professionalism is world-class and the solution that they have created, and continue to evolve, will not only provide a foundational learning platform but will also allow you to take your firm’s learning to the next level.

Stacey Rodgers, CPADirector, Learning and Development

The interface is so streamlined that we needed no formal training in order to roll out to our team members. We created a four-minute video that got all users up to speed on how to use this new learning management system.

Jim Fahey, PAFMChief Learning Officer (CLO)

I remember in other programs I have used having to manually go back and adjust extensions to the date a person reached compliance and the fact that LCvista auto-adjusts makes all of the extensions in the jurisdictions this year so easy.

AnonymousDirector of Licensure & CPE

[LCvista's] specialized compliance monitoring tools and resources have allowed us to better monitor, manage, and communicate with our employees on their licenses and other certifications.

Stacey Rodgers, CPADirector, Learning and Development

In summary, LCvista is instrumental in supporting learning in the accounting industry. While the ease of use from both an administration and user standpoint is beyond noteworthy, it’s the client service that LCvista provides day-in and day-out that is truly phenomenal. We view LCvista as a true business partner; they are willing to go to any length to collaborate, offer solutions, and satisfy our needs. A partnership at this level with a vendor is rare and greatly valued.

AnonymousProfessional Services Learning Leader

Our CPE compliance team has remained the same size for several years, even as our firm continues to grow by leaps and bounds. We attribute our ability to support our ever-growing employee base to LCvista’s innovation with provider integrations, state-specific CPE forms, approval workflows, and certified PDFs.

AnonymousDirector of Licensure & CPE

When new work appears after a state board launches a new renewal system, or CPE standard changes, our first thought isn’t “We need to hire more people.” Instead, we reach out to LCvista to see if there are ways we can enhance the software to meet those needs.

AnonymousDirector of Licensure & CPE


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