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Do you have an annual maintenance/hosting fee?

No. There are no maintenance, hosting, or storage fees.

How are administrative roles & permissions handled in your platform?

Administrative roles are customized by the firm. Organizations can build custom roles based on access to over 50 administrative functions for any unique combination of permissions. Admin roles can be applied to individual users or dynamic groups of users. Furthermore, permissions can be granted for administrators to access all users in the firm or just a subset of users.

What kind of reports are available?

Reporting is a cornerstone of the LCvista product suite. Our philosophy is that if you can put the data in the system, you should be able to get it out! To that end, we have extensive reporting options as well as specific reporting features designed to deliver your data to your fingertips including options to save custom reports and emailed report configurations.

How are support requests handled?

Our support team is comprised of industry experts and all inquiries are responded to within a single business day if not sooner.

Can you help me migrate data from my current system?

Data migration is what we do! In order to make the most of a compliance tracking system, most firms will have legacy data to import. LCvista is well versed in other compliance tracking and homegrown systems and we will guide your firm through the process of exporting your historical data and preparing it for upload into the LCvista Compliance product so that all of your records are in one spot.

What about my own content?

Whether your content is group internet-based webcasts, on-demand self-study courses, or group live, LCvista has you covered. The Learning Management System includes robust course authoring and certificate generation as well.

I purchase content from other providers. How does that work?

As long as your provider is AICC, SCORM, or xAPI compatible, the content will link directly to your LCvista catalog(s). Some providers even have catalogs ready to go including Becker Professional Education, CCH, LinkedIn Learning, and the AICPA.

How do you handle jurisdiction rule changes?

The handling of jurisdiction rules is one of the main motivators for choosing LCvista over other compliance tracking systems. We have a team dedicated to keeping our rules up to date. In addition to monitoring the state boards of accountancy and regulatory websites, we rely on our vast network of professionals to inform rule updates. Updates are tracked with date effective rules so that previous compliance periods reflect the rules at the relevant points in time. And our Compliance Product is built to handle complex rule updates efficiently so you always have the most accurate reporting available.

What does a typical implementation look like?

Implementation with LCvista is a hands-on process as every client is unique. We work with your learning and development teams as well as your IT team to ensure a seamless process. We meet weekly throughout the implementation to make certain everything is on track. Implementation includes:

  • API integration
  • SSO Integration
  • Virtual Product Training
  • Virtual Technical Training
  • Historical Data Upload
  • Organization Set-up and Branding

How do you address any customer feedback received?

Customer feedback drives our product development. Without it, LCvista would not be LCvista. Every piece of feedback from a minor enhancement request to a new product suggestion is tracked. If there is something blocking a customer from using the product effectively, it is addressed as soon as possible in one of our weekly releases. Enhancement requests are prioritized on our roadmap according to client needs and alignment with LCvista product goals. And feedback is actively sought out for all features on the roadmap.

Do you offer any client user groups or events?

Yes, we currently have both a Compliance Advisory Group and a Learning Management Advisory Group that meet quarterly. And we typically offer an in-person event twice a year. LCvista clients network with each other informally as well.

Do you support compliance tracking for multiple types of professional certifications and licenses?

Yes, beyond the customary accounting industry jurisdictions, LCvista tracks CLE and many other professional certifications. If you don’t see a jurisdiction on our list, just ask. We build custom jurisdictions free of charge.

Do you support Single Sign-on?

Yes, we have clients currently using SSO Identity Providers via SAML 2.0. Microsoft ADFS, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta and Centrify