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Announcing our Amplifire Partnership: The Future of Learning Is Here

By November 17, 2023News

We are excited to announce an official partnership with Amplifire! 

The LCvista team was introduced to Amplifire’s adaptive learning platform in late 2022 and could hardly wait to get it in the hands of the LCvista community. As you know, our goal is to propel learning technology for the accounting industry and this brain-science backed authoring tool does just that! The excitement from the very first introduction has spread, resulting in 7 LCvista firms along with the AICPA and CalCPA implementing this game changing technology. Amplifire is built from patented brain science discoveries along with AI to enhance learning and promote long-term memory retention. It can help LCvista clients:

  • Reduce training time by meeting learners where they are based on their individual knowledge level
  • Provide robust learner analytics pinpoint knowledge gaps, struggle, and uncertainty
  • See where content is working and view actionable improvements where content isn’t landing with learners

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to our CSO, Scott McAfee

You can view the full Amplifire PR here:

Amplifire Launches Accounting & Professional Services Vertical to Revolutionize Professional Development and Training | Amplifire