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About LCvista

Bringing clarity, understanding and efficiency to your firm’s learning and compliance landscape.

Our mission is to meet the evolving learning and development needs of accounting firms with compliance accuracy and continuous collaboration.

Our team operates virtually and represents nine US states. We are race car drivers, mountain climbers, musicians, dancers and chefs. One thing we all have in common is a passion for the work we do and the community we serve.

Our Core Values


We are one team. We listen to our customers. They drive our mission. We partner with our community of stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

We don’t settle for the status quo. We always do our best, out of integrity, rather than competition. We solve customer problems with innovation, intention, and creativity.


We build trust with transparency. We respect our customers and each other.
We do what we say we are going to do.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. We believe that having staff with diverse backgrounds allows us to better serve our clients, support one another, and honor our values.

Our Story

LCvista began with a recurring conversation. A need heard over and over in the ear of our founder, Scott McAfee. Scott had worked for various vendors in the accounting firm space and as he met with and demonstrated products to firms, they continued to reiterate a need for a cohesive spot to house and deliver CPE content. They needed a way to bring their own content and the content they purchase from outside vendors to life in learning plans and curriculum. They needed a way to assign content that meets compliance deficiencies while improving professional aptitude. The solution firms needed did not exist.

In March of 2016, Scott partnered with co-founder Aaron Duke and together they began to build LCvista. With Aaron’s technical expertise and Scott’s industry knowledge, LCvista would do what other systems had failed to do: offer an all-in-one integrated solution that also allowed firms the flexibility of choice. Choice in CPE providers, choice in webcast delivery platforms, and choice in HRIS systems with a completely integrated solution. Choice without administrative burden.

Lisa Chamberlain (Heringlake) joined the team later that year and by leveraging the relationships they had collectively built over 10 plus years in the accounting industry, they met with firms to listen and build exactly what the firms themselves had envisioned. LCvista would not be what it is today without the diligence and willingness of those early firms.

In just a few short months since the foundation was laid, the first official client committed to the product and in 2017 the LCvista Full Product Suite and Compliance Solution became a reality. Today, the LCvista team honors its roots and continuously commits to listening to its customers’ needs. Currently, the LCvista platform enhances the learning experience and tracks compliance for over 100,000 professionals.

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