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The only one-stop learning & CPE compliance management solution built for the accounting industry

L&D and compliance teams at leading accounting firms save hours every week on manual tasks and eliminate risky errors by managing learning, CPE compliance, and certification, jurisdiction, and license tracking in LCvista.

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Trusted by 70% of the top 200 accounting firms

Keeping up with the accounting CPE landscape is a painfully manual and risky process.

Always-changing NASBA and state board rules

Keeping up with the accounting industry’s unique, always-changing regulatory and learning landscape is like running a race with a finish line that keeps moving.

Ambitious talent development targets

The accounting industry faces an acute shortage of qualified talent. Learning and Development has become a critical tool in firms’ arsenal to increase talent density.

Error-prone credit calculations in spreadsheets

Tracking training and CPE compliance in spreadsheets is a nightmare for firms with over a couple of dozen professionals.

Built-for-everyone Learning Management Systems

Horizontal LMSs are not built with NASBA fields of study, delivery methods, and partial credits in mind. That’s an ever-present risk of non-compliance in addition to extra costs on strained budgets and endless IT headaches.

Frustrating vendor vetting and negotiations

Learning administrators must go through hoops to find, buy and deliver content for training needs.

Meet LCvista

You need a platform purpose-built for accounting firms and a team of industry experts to take the legwork out, so you can focus on achieving your learning and compliance goals.

Improve learning outcomes

  • Create tailored learning plans.
  • Find, buy and deliver training with a built-in Content Marketplace.
  • Keep learners engaged during instruction.
  • Customize end-user experience for professionals.
  • Track progress of your professionals’ learning outcomes.

Administer with ease

  • Set up and track dynamic assignments and monitor completion across all program types.
  • Issue credit for all types of learning — live, hybrid, and virtual.
  • Create and modify program content, user details, and jurisdiction data in bulk.
  • Design and distribute evaluations for offered courses and analyze feedback.
  • Set up automated notifications for professionals to stay on track for meeting their requirements.

Track and report on compliance

  • Track NASBA-compliant attendance for live, hybrid, and virtual learning.
  • Pull reports for state boards, governing bodies, and provider sponsorships.
  • Review and approve external training participation and track certificate records.

Why LCvista

Purpose-built for the
accounting industry 

LCvista is and always will be focused on the accounting industry. You won’t get that “square peg, round hole” feeling or have to pay to customize something as simple as the NASBA fields of study. The functionality caters to accounting-specific use cases out-of-the-box, automating and simplifying otherwise manual and error-prone tasks.

One-stop solution for both
L&D and CPE compliance 

Accounting firms need to develop learning plans, curate the right content, deliver the right learning to the right professionals, and keep track of compliance across dozens of jurisdictions. It’s highly inefficient and risky to conduct these workflows manually and in separate systems. LCvista provides one place for L&D admins and Compliance specialists to manage learning and track compliance without spending hours on finding the right programs for each jurisdiction’s requirements and updating spreadsheets.

Highly customizable

Each firm has unique needs and ways of managing their learning and compliance. LCvista gives firms the flexibility to tailor the product experience to their needs.

Collaborative community that fosters knowledge-sharing  

At LCvista, we collaborate with our customers and our customers collaborate with each other. We have a true community — everyone works together to respond to rule changes, create learning solutions, and deliver training.

Responsive, white-glove
customer support  

We respond quickly to day-to-day questions and ensure your continued success with LCvista. Our in-house team of learning and compliance experts provides ongoing industry-specific information and best practices.

Integrations with HRIS, webcast delivery, and content providers   

Leverage integrations with various content providers, webcast platforms, HR systems, and course authoring platforms so you can choose which tools are best for your firm. Then create a cohesive learning environment where everything related to continuing education is tracked.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say.

More client stories

“The interface is so streamlined that we needed no formal training in order to roll out to our team members. We created a four-minute video that got all users up to speed on how to use this new learning management system.”

Jim Fahey, PAFM

Chief Learning Officer

“When new work appears after a state board launches a new renewal system, or CPE standard changes, our first thought isn’t “We need to hire more people.” Instead, we reach out to LCvista to see if there are ways we can enhance the software to meet those needs.”


Director of Licensure & CPE

[LCvista’s] specialized compliance monitoring tools and resources have allowed us to better monitor, manage, and communicate with our employees on their licenses and other certifications.

Stacey Rodgers, CPA

Director, Learning and Development

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