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Processing External CPE Certificates

By December 16, 2020January 28th, 2022News

As the year-end CPE deadline rapidly approaches, clients report that timely submission of external CPE certificates from firm professionals is a significant barrier to their ability to distribute accurate CPE compliance status notifications and to provide management with accurate CPE status reports.  We thought you may be interested in knowing how other firms process external CPE certificates:


  • 50% of LCvista clients report that Firm Administrators enter external CPE certificates on behalf of professionals.
  • 46% of LCvista clients report professionals enter CPE certificates which remain in a queue until a Firm Administrator reviews and approves credits.
  • 4% of LCvista clients report professionals enter their own CPE certificates without Firm Administrator review or approval.

Here are some ways our clients are currently managing submissions you may be interested in exploring:


  • Some clients report their firm offers incentives like gift cards to encourage timely submissions.
  • Consider highlighting your firm’s submission process for external credit using an Announcement that displays on the Dashboard. You can do this in LCvista within Organization Settings > Announcements.
  • Take advantage of the ability to customize Notifications. For example, as jurisdiction deadlines approach, consider highlighting your firm’s process for external credit entry within the body of the notifications.
  • If your firm would like to test another submission process, all clients have access to adjust the External Credit Approval Workflow, located in Organizations > Settings > Approval Workflows.


What strategies does your firm utilize to encourage timely external CPE certificate submissions?