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6 in 6: New Roles at LCvista

By June 6, 2022News

In the last six months, LCvista welcomed six team members. Each person offers a unique skill set and fills a brand-new role for the company. These roles reflect the evolution and refinement of LCvista – not only as a product but as a brand and a community.

In November, Brooke Head joined the team with 6 years’ experience in the accounting industry, including 5 years as an LCvista client. She hit the ground running in the new full-time role of Compliance Specialist by applying her experience to data validation, documentation, and product support. Brooke knows what it’s like to be in the role of an LCvista administrator.  She truly embodies the LCvista spirit.

Just one week after Brooke, Emily Egan joined the team as UX/UI Designer. Previously, LCvista employed part-time contractors alongside the product team to accomplish design tasks. The advancement to a full-time design role reflects the company’s commitment to continuous product improvement. Emily applies her engineering and design skills to virtually every ticket in the pipeline, from the placement of an individual form field to the complexities of updating the intricate Learning Plan workflow.

Adeline Latruwe was the last LCvista new hire of 2021. As a software engineer with experience working at small, quickly growing companies, she fits right in. More firms implemented LCvista in 2021 than any previous year. Bolstering engineering resources allows LCvista to execute on product innovation in addition to sustainability. Within a few short weeks, Adeline increased overall velocity by tackling customer requested product enhancements.

To start 2022, the team expansion continued with the addition of Toni Williams. Toni, an accounting industry veteran, fills the new role of Client Account Executive. At LCvista, partnering with clients is an integral part of product success. Toni works with new and existing clients, collaborating on solutions to meet their needs. She also manages the alliance relationships and participates in industry initiatives that strengthen the overall community.

April brought two more team members. The first, Paul Carboni, yet another industry veteran, brings his experience to the Technical Consultant role. The LCvista customer experience drives nearly every decision the company makes. LCvista customers increasingly leverage API’s and other types of integrations to enhance their user experience with adjacent products. As a member of the support team, Paul is available to assist with new integrations and troubleshooting so the customers’ entire product ecosystem runs seamlessly.

Joe Schulman made the new hire count 6 in 6 months as he filled the role of Director of Engineering. Joe’s well-rounded background in product management, engineering and leadership suits the role. His cross-functional expertise will help perpetuate the cohesive teamwork that LCvista is known for.

The company looks forward to 2022 and beyond as the products, people and service persistently evolve to deliver the best, most reliable solutions to the accounting industry.